Canadian Voices for School Libraries is a new organization dedicated to fostering the growth of the school library learning commons in Canada and to developing a national network of school library practitioners and supporters.

Over the past decade, there have been ever increasing challenges in sustaining a cohesive school library network across Canada. We arrive in 2016 at a point where what remains may cease to exist entirely, with the impending dissolution of the Canadian Library Association (CLA).

The notion of a new national school library organization has clearly engaged the group of leaders who have worked so hard to leverage the gains achieved with the publication of Leading Learning and the success of Treasure Mountain Canada. Response to an online survey from school library practitioners, leaders and supporters through an online survey indicates overwhelming support for the formation of this new national school library organization.

Formation of this organization was discussed at the Treasure Mountain Canada 2016 symposium, and was informed by the paper, Toward a New National School Library Association in Canada: The Case, Considerations, and Potential Models.

With positive survey results and under the pressures of the tight timelines for the dissolution of the Canadian Library Association and therefore potential loss of a platform for major national school library projects, the Working Group decided to proceed with forming Canadian Voices for School Libraries as a new non-profit organization.

Next Steps:

  • Publication of the national survey results
  • Formation of a steering group to guide development of the organization and its governance and membership structures
  • Discussions with the Canadian Library Association (CLA) and the new Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) about the future of national projects of importance to the school library community
  • Incorporation as a non-profit organization and registration as a charitable organization (pending approval by the steering group)
  • Growth of the organization