Canadian Voices for School Libraries is a start-up organization. Our ultimate goal is to be a registered non-profit and charitable organization. But getting there will take an investment from the community.

Our national survey results demonstrate widespread and enthusiastic support for the formation of this organization. The Canadian Library Association has shown confidence in CVSL by entrusting us with the ongoing development of its journal, School Libraries in Canada, and its national standards document, Leading Learning.

What we need now is an investment from the community to take us through this start-up phase and develop the organization and its projects.

How You Can Help

Donate!Your contribution will be used to help cover the costs for:

  • Incorporating as a non-profit organization
  • Registering as a charity
  • Legal expenses associated with incorporation and registration
  • A technological infrastructure, including this website
  • Initial project investment, including School Libraries in Canada and Leading Learning

A contribution from you and/or from your organization will help CVSL get off to a great start. We promise accountability, and will issue you with a receipt, although at this stage it is not tax-deductible.

New Information
We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Library Association has agreed to hold our funds until we are incorporated. This arrangement allows us to provide the level of accountability that supporters of this new organization expect of us.

Payment Options

Online / Credit Card: You may make a donation online using your credit card. Click here, and then select Canadian Voices for School Libraries from the drop-down list.

Pay by Cheque: Your cheque should be payable to the Ontario Library Association. Please be sure to note on the front of the cheque: CVSL.

Please mail your cheque to:

Ontario Library Association
Attn: Accounting
2 Toronto Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ONĀ  M5C 2B6

Questions about this start-up donation procedure can be addressed to Liz Kerr at:

Inquiries about CVSL can be sent to: